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Back back back again, dear readers. I’m delirious from the flight, very confused by the sunlight at what feels like 8pm, still without a phone, but I made it. Traveling is always a challenge, but everything went pretty smoothly for us today. It was my absolute pleasure to travel home with my dear friend and […]

a Birka goodbye

As I come upon the last days of my time here at DIS, I thought I was prepared to go home. I’m ready for a new adventure with new people, in a new city to call home, and maybe that’s just the Sagittarius in me. But today, as I looked out over the island of […]

the end of the viking era

T-minus 13 days. Less than two weeks. I’ve been thinking recently about how I felt when I was two weeks away from arriving in Sweden, and those two weeks felt like the longest weeks of my life. Now, these two weeks feel like they’re going to disappear in my hands like fog if I try […]

a whirlwind of april väder

Hills and valleys this blog contains. Truly the action never stops. I would like to take a moment and thank each and everyone one of you that has made it through my manic blog posts to check up on my silly little life. A performer is nothing without their audience! To continue from where we […]

isolation pt. 2: the sequel

In my last post I mentioned how much I am going to miss this country, as I begin to make myself ready to return home. Well, I have found a memory of this country that I am not going to miss. Murphy’s law has really been proven by my existence lately I would say. Yet […]

bilingualism and running out of time

I feel as if I probably say this every post, but now it really is starting to feel real. We leave in almost one month. It still seems as if I’ve been here for barely any time at all, as I stare at my homework planner, filled to the brim with research and papers I […]

easter on the islands

Not to be confused with Easter Island. Entirely different. Well last post was a doozy wasn’t it! Sorry you all had to read my extremely unedited thoughts under duress last week. Let’s make this post a little lighter and a little shorter on account of the holiday. So it’s Easter! Here in Stockholm the exodus […]


So you know how in my last post I went on a super fun trip and everything was great and I hoped for many more safe adventures? Well, I jinxed myself. Be prepared for a text-heavy rant. Boy have things changed since we talked last dear blog readers. Currently this past week I have been […]

the arctic circle express

The trips don’t stop! Not even a little! It feels as if I’m in a bit of a contest with myself to see as much as Sweden as possible in this short amount of time. Great for the soul, not as great for the body. However I yet still live! This week’s adventure is Kiruna, […]

cold, but in a different city this time

It’s study tour time! Everyone hold on to your pants because I am about to blow you away with the excitement and thrills that we experienced on our short study tour in combination with the Gender, Equality, and Sexuality in Scandinavia course to Uppsala, Sweden. Usually short study tours will only take just one core […]


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