Back back back again, dear readers.

I’m delirious from the flight, very confused by the sunlight at what feels like 8pm, still without a phone, but I made it.

Traveling is always a challenge, but everything went pretty smoothly for us today. It was my absolute pleasure to travel home with my dear friend and fellow blogger Tess, all the way to the baggage claim at Sea-Tac. Made it through customs like a breeze, found all my bags (yet to check if the contents are in good shape but I am confident), and now I sit in the airport waiting for my family to pick me up.

Tess and I were discussing what it will be like to be back in our country again after being gone for so long, and I’m still processing what it’s like to be home again. When we looked out over the Washington mountains as we descended to the airport, it was like a part of me clicked back into place. I love Sweden and all that she has, but a part of me will always belong to this state and this place. Maybe it was the very emotional end of the book I was reading, but it really brought some feelings back up deep inside of me that I don’t think I knew were really there. It feels good to be home.

It’s been a pleasure to write for you all. Stay safe, get vaccinated, and go study abroad. I can’t recommend it enough.

my succulent vegetarian meal
travel buddies! ❤

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