welcome to my (christian’s) blog! i’ll be blogging about my experience as a student at DIS Stockholm in spring 2021, and all the wonderful memories i find along the way. take a look around, and i hope you enjoy! 🙂

recent notes


Back back back again, dear readers. I’m delirious from the flight, very confused by the sunlight at what feels like 8pm, still without a phone, but I made it. Traveling is always a challenge, but everything went pretty smoothly for us today. It was my absolute pleasure to travel home with my dear friend and […]

a Birka goodbye

As I come upon the last days of my time here at DIS, I thought I was prepared to go home. I’m ready for a new adventure with new people, in a new city to call home, and maybe that’s just the Sagittarius in me. But today, as I looked out over the island of […]

the end of the viking era

T-minus 13 days. Less than two weeks. I’ve been thinking recently about how I felt when I was two weeks away from arriving in Sweden, and those two weeks felt like the longest weeks of my life. Now, these two weeks feel like they’re going to disappear in my hands like fog if I try […]

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